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Average Cost Wedding Flowers

average cost wedding flowers

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Tulipa hybrids (Tulips)

Tulipa hybrids (Tulips)

The iconic Tulip is the birth flower of July. Available in a variety of vibrant colours the tulip symbolises beauty and love. Tulips can be found in almost every colour except blue and black, however varieties such as "Queen of Night" are such a striking deep purple that it could be mistaken for black.

The tulip originated in the Middle East around 1000 A.D. It's name was inspired by the Turkish word 'dulband' (meaning turban) and is a reflection of the flower's shape. While commonly associated with the Netherlands, the tulip is actually the national flower of Iran and Turkey.

Unlike most flowers, tulips continue to grow even once they have been cut, the tulip heads will grow towards the light. Tulips respond well to cooler weather conditions. The Parrot Tulip is unique, its petals can appear frayed, and instead of a single colour, each flower is bi-coloured.

Each tulips colour symbolises a different aspect of love and imagination. The multi-coloured Parrot Tulip symbolises beautiful eyes, red bulbs speak of a perfect love, yellow of friendship and happiness, and white tulips represent remorse and forgiveness.

The popularity of the tulip reached its peak in the 17th Century in Holland in a phenomena known as Tulipomania. Many residents sold their belongings and gave away their fortunes in order to acquire the classic flower. Some varieties at the time could cost more than the average family home. The tulip is a striking and popular choice for bouquets, and wedding displays.



Marriage is arguably the most significant moment in the life of a Korean person; it is a point at which many changes occur. Typically, children in nuclear Korean families graduate college and find careers, all while living under their parent's roof. Once married, the couple will leave the nest, and begin residing in their new apartment. At this time, they will begin the process of procreation, if they so choose.

The typical, nondenominational wedding occurs in a wedding hall. These halls are permanently decorated and staffed to facilitate sometimes three or more weddings per day. As with traditional western weddings, the Korean wedding is a coordinated performance which publicly commits two lives to monogamy. Nonetheless, there are a few small differences: all guests are expected to bring gifts in the form of money, partially to compensate for the cost of attending; from the pre-wedding pictures to the end of the ceremony, the bride may wear as many as five different dresses; the only outfit the bride keeps forever is the Hanbok (traditional Korean clothes) she wears at the end; and last but not least, an average Korean wedding lasts a little more than two hours, from the ceremony to the end of the meal.

average cost wedding flowers

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average cost wedding flowers

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