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White Flower House Plant

white flower house plant

    white flower
  • (white-flowered) (of plants) having white flowers

  • (White flowers) Love that has grown beyond the physical needs and dependencies.

  • (White flowers) jasmine, daisy, marguerite, mimosa, wisteria, lily, osmanthus (a native Chinese species)

    house plant
  • A houseplant is a plant that is grown indoors in places such as residences and offices. Houseplants are commonly grown for decorative purposes, positive psychological effects, or health reasons such as indoor air purification.

  • A plant grown indoors

  • (House plants) can be accented by aiming an uplight can at the wall behind the plant, creating a dramatic silhouette of the plant against the wall.

white flower house plant - Artificial 17"

Artificial 17" Mini Phalaenopsis Orchid, White

Artificial 17" Mini Phalaenopsis Orchid, White

This life-like mini orchid will be the perfect complement to any decor, or an easy way to add life and color to your office. It features a single stem of mini white phalaenopsis blooms securely "potted" in a simple glazed black cube pot. The overall dimensions are measured from the bottom of the pot to the tallest bloom, and from the farthest bloom to the farthest leaf tip. All measurements are approximate and will be determined by your final shaping of the item. No arranging is necessary, just minor shaping, with the way in which we pack and ship our products.

86% (15)

African Violet - white

African Violet - white

My african violet that has been w/ me for a few years, is blooming flowers of mostly white this time around. Note the tinge of purple. (that's its normal look)



Flowers at the front of a house in Imai-cho.

white flower house plant

white flower house plant

Forget Me Knot Madagascar Palm-Easy to Grow House Plant

PALM: Palms are one of the most documented and most studied plants in the world and there are over 2600 species of palm tree types known today. Palm trees have an amazing amount of variations and differences in morphology, creating one the most diverse range of species. Basic characteristics of palm trees include growth from a single stem with crowns of evergreen leaves arranged in either a fan shape or feathery blooms. Most palms have inflorescence containing colorful flowers, which are usually small and white. The fruits of palms are considered to be drupes, or fruits containing a fleshy, soft part surrounding a hard seed center.
The Forget Me Knot Madagascar Palm (Dracaena marginata) is an easy to grow house plant, perfect for the home, office or college dorm. Give it bright, indirect light and allow the soil to dry slightly between thorough waterings. Fertilize once a month with a general purpose house plant food. This unique plant is sure to attract attention! The artfully arranged branches have been looped into a knot shape. Makes a breathtaking specimen plant. Use as a focal point to liven up any room.
The plant you will receive is growing in a 4" pot and is about 8" tall.
The Forget Me Knot Madagascar Palm in native to the island of Madagascar off of the African coast.

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