Flowers and chocolate covered strawberries - Winter wedding flower bouquets.

Flowers And Chocolate Covered Strawberries

flowers and chocolate covered strawberries

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flowers and chocolate covered strawberries - Chocolate Covered

Chocolate Covered Strawberries Gift Box

Chocolate Covered Strawberries Gift Box

Indulge yourself with a dozen hand dipped large chocolate covered strawberries. This delectable assortment is perfect for any chocolate lover. Your strawberries come beautifully decorated and neatly packed in an attractive gift box making them a perfect gift for any occasion.Chocolate covered strawberries are dipped in an assortment of white, milk and dark chocolates and arrive in a elegant gift box that is sure to please.Chocolate Covered Strawberries are very perishable and must be shipped overnight to preserve freshness. Please note that some berries may be covered in nuts. We reserve the right to substitute highly perishable items to prevent melting or spoilage during the summer months.

82% (15)

valentines bento #8

valentines bento #8

clockwise starting with heart shaped salmon, I <3 U piped on with bbq sauce, cherry tomato rose....that i forgot to add ''leaves" to.

bride and groom chocolate covered strawberries

heart and X shaped cookies

mixed veggies in heart containers

bbq sauce in little round container

yellow mini bell pepper

3 heart food picks

heart shaped potato fries sprinkled with furikake

February 14, 2010

February 14, 2010

Dan totally shocked me by getting me a bouquet of fruit this year for Valentine's Day. It was also a much more sensible complement to our feast of burritos. We started calling it Burrito Day. Because that's just the kind of people we are. I like that about us.

flowers and chocolate covered strawberries

flowers and chocolate covered strawberries

Flowers by 1800Flowers - Extravagant Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

Express yourself with this extravagantly decadent gift lush, ripe strawberries hand-dipped in100% realdark chocolate or white confection then drizzled to perfection. Strawberries are dipped in dark chocolate with red drizzle, rich white confection with dark chocolate and red drizzle, and dipped in dark chocolate and red lip shaped decorettes all with scrumptious results. It's simply the best chocolate covered strawberry experience they'll ever have.Our strawberries are dipped in delicious 100% RealDark Chocolate. These exceptionally fresh strawberries require Overnight delivery.

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