Container Flowers Ideas

container flowers ideas

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container flowers ideas - Tips for

Tips for Container Gardening: 300 Great Ideas for Growing Flowers, Vegetables, and Herbs (Fine Gardening)

Tips for Container Gardening: 300 Great Ideas for Growing Flowers, Vegetables, and Herbs (Fine Gardening)

Truth be told, you can grow almost anything in a pot — and you can place those pots anywhere … on a deck, patio or rooftop. That’s why so many people love container gardening. It’s versatile enough for suburban homeowners with acres of land as well as apartment-dwellers with no patch of ground to call their own. In fact, growing edibles in containers is a perfect way for homeowners and gardeners with limited space to have fresh food in their kitchens. Like each issue of Fine Gardening, this latest collection is brimming with 300 essential tips, savvy shortcuts, and tried-and-true techniques, celebrating the growing popularity of container gardening. Tips for Container Gardening promises to bring out the bountiful best in all containers, large or small.

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The Grove Hotel 05/02/10

The Grove Hotel 05/02/10

I started making this giant heart last week by creating a frame of bamboo, willow (for the curves) and chicken wire, stuffed with cellophane. I covered the design with moss and cemented it into a container. I had no idea what flowers I was going to use.

Luckily, a lot of orchids came back from an event, so I was able to cover both sides with more orchids in water-filled tubes than my budget would normally allow. I left spaces between the orchids on the lower portion of the heart otherwise it might have looked as if it was made entirely of fake flowers.

Unknown Yellow Flower

Unknown Yellow Flower

Found this plant in a pot on the deck -- we had had some gerbera daisies and variegated ivy in the container when this mysterious thing popped up. I've moved it into its own container and it seems like these blooms just showed up overnight -- they're large, about the size of a thumb, and there are buds all over the place. I'll keep an eye on it and get a better picture once they've opened.

Any idea what it might be?

container flowers ideas

container flowers ideas

No Garden? No Problem! Design and Planting Ideas for the Smallest of Spaces: Steps, Walls, Roof Terraces, Balconies, Basements and Courtyards

Walls can be decorated with style and festooned with colourful hanging baskests while windowsills, balconies, terraces, basements and even front doorsteps and flights of stairs can become green oases in which plants thrive and people can relax outdoors. No Garden? No Problem! makes a garden where none exists, starting at the front door and taking in balconies, windowsills, walls, patios and basements. Here are plant suggestions, ideas and step-by-step projects to transform small outdoor spaces adding value to your home and allowing everyone to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of plants and gardening.

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