Unique Bouquet Ideas

unique bouquet ideas

  • An expression of approval; a compliment

  • an arrangement of flowers that is usually given as a present

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unique bouquet ideas - Nikki's Baby

Nikki's Baby Blossom Clothing Bouquet Gift-Boy

Nikki's Baby Blossom Clothing Bouquet Gift-Boy

Nikki's Baby Blossoms is a fun and unique way to say congratulations to the new proud parents! Our Baby Blossom includes 5 adorable bibs, 3 ultra soft washcloths, a cute onesie (size 3-6 months) and a 30" X 40" receiving blanket cleverly rolled to look like a bouquet of fresh flowers. Perfectly arranged in a cute flowerpot. *If you do not order this item from Nikki's By Design and choose to order from another company listing this item, be aware you will NOT receive the correct item. Nikki's is the only one that makes it exactly how the picture is, other companies are sending less expensive knock offs.

88% (15)



4 Tier Diaper Cake
Unique Baby Shower Gift or Centerpiece
Comes with approx. 110 disposable diapers, stuffed animal, baby powder, lotion, box of Q- tips, rattle, cigar (bubble gum), wash cloth, pacifier, and greeting card.
Comes in Pink, Blue, Yellow or Lavender
Size : 12 inch round
Price - $45
Also comes in 3 Tier cake for $38

Bouquet verde e rosa

Bouquet verde e rosa

Bouquet de noiva super arrojado com curcuma.
A bridal bouquet with curcuma and greens.

unique bouquet ideas

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