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Pressing Flowers Instructions

pressing flowers instructions

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pressing flowers instructions - Protective Ironing

Protective Ironing Pressing Pad 2-Pack - Household Essentials #128-0

Protective Ironing Pressing Pad 2-Pack - Household Essentials #128-0

This Protective Ironing Pressing Pad 2-Pack - Household Essentials #128 protects your clothing from scorch and shine marks. Simply place one of these pressing pads over your garment and iron on top of it. The pressing cloth also protects your iron plate from zippers and snaps. Be honest! How many times have you ruined an item by scorching it or putting a permanent, unwanted sheen on the fabric because the iron was too hot. This simple, but effective, pressing pad is will prevent this from happening. It is easy to use and when you want to clean it simply toss it in your laundry. Bargain Value Pack of 2!

Household Essentials (formerly Whitney Design) specializes in designing innovative Laundry, Closet, Bath and Kitchen storage and organizational products. Their mission is to create solutions that make your day-to-day activities easier and more enjoyable.

Size: 23.5 x 14.5 Inches Each -- Color: Mesh See-Through

85% (17)



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Pressed flowers and leaves from our wedding. These were in the Moleskine for about two months.

pressing flowers instructions

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